Seismological tomography

Traveltime tomography is an excellent tool for imaging seismic wave velocity distribution below the earth surface.

The condition of the tomographic matrix to be inverted highly depends on the model parameterization. I have proposed a method for finding an optimal, irregular triangular cell parameterization that best suits the raypath geometry and maximizes the rank of the tomographic matrix.

The Pannonian depression is an extensional back-arc basin in central Europe and is an integral part of the Alpine-Carpathian orogenic mountain belts. It can be characterized by thinned lower crust, shallow Moho discontinuity, high surface heat flow and Moho temperature, implying recent active tectonic processes. Imaging the velocity structure of the earth crust and upper mantle may help us to better understand the structure and formation of the Pannonian region. To achieve this goal, I used Pn traveltimes from regional and local earthquakes to tomographically image the lateral velocity variations in the uppermost mantle beneath the Pannonian basin.

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