Earthquake moment tensor catalog

The table below lists the centroids, moment magnitudes and fault planes for Hungarian local and near-regional earthquakes. Detailed description of the full moment tensor obtained by waveform inversion for a given event is available by clicking on the Event ID.

For more detailed description of the moment tensor solutions, please visit the Downloads page.

The figure below summarizes the retrieved focal mechanisms of the studied earthquakes on a map of Hungary. For a high-resolution version of this map, please visit the Downloads page.

Waveform focal mechanisms on a map of Hungary

The beach balls represent the deviatoric part of the mechanisms. Thin blue lines depict the trajectories of maximum horizontal stress directions after Bada (2007), whereas thick orange lines indicate main active fault zones.


  • Bada, G., Horváth, F., Dövényi, P., Szafián, P., Windhoffer, G., Cloetingh, S., 2007: Present-day stress field and tectonic inversion in the Pannonian basin, Global and Planetary Change 58, 165-180.